Are Indian companies Internet-ready for business?

reliance-chatThe answer in a single word is: No.

Here is why. I wanted to set up an audio conferencing service. Google search gave me multiple leads – Reliance, Eagle Conferencing, and Arkadin India. Google threw up another link to Quora, where a respondent listed Exotel as a company that provided conferencing services.

I first went to the Reliance Website, and used the chat option. I provided the details they needed to begin the chat – and then got a message that I was in queue (for a chat!!!!). After about 5 minutes, Reliance decided I was not worth the effort, and shut me down with the image you see on the top.

Okay, so next I tried calling Arkadin. Must mention that I had sent them an email yesterday and got the templated response:

Dear Sunder,

Thank you. We have received your request and an Arkadin agent will be in touch shortly.

If you’d like to talk to us right away, please don’t hesitate to give us a call during business hours at +91-120-3074500.

Best regards,
Arkadin India

Well, no one had called, so I called them. Sure enough, the call was answered by a person who wanted details so they could ‘transfer’ me to Sales. I asked the MOT question – will I be able to set up the bridge today? No, they take a minimum of 24 hours to respond. (And this in an era where we all want ‘fast’ Internet!)

The next in line was Eagle Conferencing. Called the number listed on their website, and got connected to a Voice Response system that asked me to dial 1 for sales. I did, and then waited for 25 rings – no answer.

That is how Indian Companies respond to Web-driven sales. Amen.

PS: Got through to a company called Exotel, and need resolved on one call. Apparently Audio conferencing is not their core business, but they set this up in response to client demand after Sabsebolo shut down. Great work, Exotel Team! Take a bow!

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