We collaborate with our clients to develop working partnerships. We discuss and develop consensus on tasks, deliverables, roles and responsibilities. If our clients have the resources to analyze training and outcome needs, we take it forward from there. Need help to do this? We take care of that, too. Our programs are designed with the client’s organizational environment in mind, and focused on delivering intended outcomes.
We share the program designs with the clients, and are open to suggestions and inputs to refine designs. We believe our clients understand context through their immersion in the organization.
We work within the budgets and timeframes of our clients. We ensure that we remain flexible within a framework. We will be frank about what can be accomplished, and with what resources. Once scope and deliverables are contracted, we develop an event plan that accommodates the assessment and evaluate client satisfaction at all stages of the event or duration.
Our methods and processes account for client culture, norms and participant diversity, and are designed to foster open participation. These methods engage participation of those with varied learning and thinking styles. Our processes let participants take ownership of the learnings from their experiences.