Outcomes, outcomes, outcomes. That is our constant focus – throughout the discussion, design and deployment. With clear methods and processes, we guide the group to appropriate and useful outcomes. The contexts for the sessions are clear, and we actively listen, question and summarize to elicit the sense of the group. We recognize tangents and sidetracks and redirect them to the task. We use small and large group processes, varying the pace of the activities according to the needs of the group. We identify information the group needs, and draw out data and insights from the group. Our processes help the group to synthesize patterns, trends, root causes, frameworks for action; and help the group to reflect on their experiences.
We guide the group to consensus and desired outcomes, using a variety of approaches for consensus and objectives. Our faculty is able to adapt processes to changing situations and needs of the group.
Where required, we guide participants to create action plans and measurement plans that provide appropriate roadmaps for their continual use. We design additional intervention and support systems to ensure that participants are able to reach out for support when they encounter reversals that they feel are challenging.