We use a wide variety of participatory processes. Our faculty demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills and effective verbal communications skills that go to building rapport with participants. They practice active listening and demonstrate the ability to observe and provide feedback to participants.
We honor and recognize the diversity among participants, and ensure inclusiveness; creating opportunities for participants to benefit from the diversity of the group. We are aware of cultural differences, and encourage participant awareness on the role of culture in learning. The processes we use are designed to encourage and stimulate participation and discussion. We ensure every participant’s voice is heard – we have techniques that help even the most reticent to open up.
Conflict is an inevitable part of group learning. We help individuals to identify and review underlying assumptions. We recognize conflict and its role within group learning, and provide safe environments for conflicts to surface. While we manage disruptive behavior, we support the group through resolution of the conflict.
We encourage creative thinking and draw out participants of all learning/thinking styles, and all ideas are accepted. The approaches we use are designed to best fit the needs and abilities of the group; and to stimulate and tap the group energy.