Facilitate: We are facilitators – we act as catalysts supporting participants to learn through active involvement and reflection. Meetings, strategic problem solving sessions, brainstorming, conflict, negotiations etc. – we are context neutral. Our methods and processes support the group in moving towards their goal, ensuring that all voices are heard.

Flexibility:  We do not work with a rigid agenda. We realize that the groups of participants in the room are dynamic, and plans may not work, so we are capable of modifying activities on the fly – without losing focus of the desired outcomes.

Scalable: Large groups, small groups, any size. We are indifferent to numbers. Regardless of numbers, we have methods to involve all and debrief so that desired outcomes are accomplished.

Debriefing: The learning from any session or activity is only as good as the debriefing. People do not learn from experience – they learn by reflecting on their experience. Our debriefing is probing, overarching and comprehensive.

Safe Environment: We create safe environments for participants to shed inhibitions. Our processes are designed to eliminate internal hierarchies and let everyone open out without fear of consequence.